Digestive system By: Luke Illies

Body parts of the digestive system

Esophagus: top part of your stomach and is like a long stretchy tube,the esophagus takes food from the throat and takes it to the stomach,don't smoke it could lead to lung cancer.

Liver: at the top part of your digestive system,your liver gets toxins out of your blood,but why is it necessary,it is necessary because your body produces toxins in a normal function,like breaking down protein,a food such as meat and nuts,don't drink to much beer or alcohol because the liver can only cleans so much it has to work over time because it has to clean more than to beers.

Large intestine: the large intestine is at the bottom part of your digestive system,the large intestine finishes the process of digesting food,if you want to care for your large intestine then you should eat less red meat and eat more fiber.

Gall bladder: the gall bladder is under your liver on the left side of your digestive system,the gall bladder is a small pouch that stores vide,to keep your gall bladder safe you should drink lots of water.

Small Intestine: the small intestine is right above the large intestine which is at the bottom of your digestive system,when food exits your stomach it goes into your small intestine,to keep it safe you should kip fit and eat healthy.

Stomach: the stomach is at the top right part of your digestive system,swallowed food gets pushed downward to a muscular tube called the esophagus,don't over eat and take it slow when you eat.

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