Non-Fiction BY: Tayler ransom

None-Fiction-Prose writing that is based on facts,real events and people,such as biography or history.

The difference from none-fiction and Fiction is that None-fiction and fiction is None-Fiction is real and Fiction is not real.

News paper

Newspapers tell people different things that are going on in their location.


Some types of non-fiction writing is about different people who have made an impact in our country and world. These types of writing include, biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs.

The different people that has wrote Biography and auto biography is like Arthur Miller,Lou Reed,Barabara Bush,Elie wiesel, etc. The some people that wrote autobiography is like


In non fiction text there are dates to tell when the events occurred.


In None-Fiction time matters so people know when the events took place.

Trees and plants

Trees and plants are part of different kinds writing because trees and plants are real people might want to learn different facts about trees and plants.


In the different kinds of writing their are different kinds of animals in stories and people can different different facts abut them.

History Book

In Historical writing people can find out different kinds of things like what happened in the old days and why things happened. People can learn new things like how things was different back then to now.

Different kinds of writing

There are so many different kinds of writing such as Expository,Descriptive,Narrative,persuasive,and Creative writing.

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