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Hello, here is my introduction video.

Assignment 1 - Headshot

This week we are to create a headshot, and edit the image with Photoshop. I had to take a selfie. I did not have anyone at the time to take a photograph of. The photograph was fun to work with. First of all I adjusted the levels on the photo, I did remove some wrinkles on the forehead, and took out some shadows underneath the eyes. I even trimmed the beard a little bit. I was able to use the clone tool for some of the work. And just for fun, I dropped into the background a few geometric elements to make it interesting and appealing.

Here is my headshot using Photoshop to touch up and add the different elements
This is my headshot using Illustrator, turning the original photo into shapes. I used the image trace tool to assist me in this. I have to admit, this headshot kind of makes me look kind of creepy or like a villain or something. My friends would tell you that I am a nice guy. lol It was fun creating this one, so I am actually going to use this as my headshot for now. I think I will experiment a little a maybe create another at a later time.

Creating a Killer Resume

This week we are to focus on building a killer CV / Résumé and enhancing your digital presence with Adobe tools.We’ll focus on building a killer CV / Résumé and enhancing your digital presence with Adobe tools for print and screen and explore basic design skills and creating great content with Adobe tools.

After hearing all of the advice on building a killer CV/Resume the wheels started turning. I am currently looking for a job, so I actually am working on my resume, that I will be sending out. My line of work is a little unusual, in the fact that there are certain perimeters that we have to say within. One of them being no photos on the resume. So this has been an interesting week for me. I have uploaded my resume to Behance and my Learning Journal. It is two pages long, and I would love and appreciate any feedback that anyone has.

Personal Brand Logo and Mock Up

This was a very fun assignment for me, as my background is in graphic design. I agree with what Mark said in class on how he starts out with just black and white, and then as the logo progresses he will add color. Well, I had some fun with this logo, and it is quite simple but I think it is effective. I attached my logo, and the Facebook header. As always, I would love to have any feedback from everyone.


This week our assignment was to create an ePortfolio using real or imagined content. I have decided to use my real artwork that I have created. It can be a little intimidating to put myself out there like this, but I feel that the critiques and suggestions will only help me. I have had several people offer good suggestions. I think together we can create something better. I am really enjoying learning and exploring Behance, so I decided to us it. Please feel free to comment on any of the artwork or content.

Student Assessment

In this assignment we are to create a video offering formative assessment feedback on a student portfolio assignment (real or imagined). This was a really fun assignment for me. I was having some issues with Adobe Spark Video and my computer. I tried and tried, and I was unable. I will be doing some traveling, and my time is so tight right now it is unbelievable. So I created a work around, and I think it turned out quite well. Please let me know your feedback. Sincerely Scott Powell

Personal Reflection

This has been my second class to take in the Adobe Education Exchange, and my overall thoughts about it is very positive. I have actually really enjoyed it. I love how we submit the assignments and then have to rate and comment on other students assignments. This is a very creative way of learning.

I was very fascinated with the Behance part of this course, as I am looking to personally display my artwork for use in personal branding and assistance in finding work. I had great communication with the other students, and I felt that I gave and received so nice feedback and critiques.

As I have mentioned, this is my second class with the Adobe Education Exchange. I would like to say that Mark and Sjaani are really nice to learn with. I appreciate them. Thank you so much for everything. Sincerely Scott Powell

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