Spring Break Story: Lake Tahoe, Nevada & California Jordyn Reynolds

My family and I flew for 6 hours towards Reno, Nevada to drive 1 hour towards Lake Tahoe to get to my hotel. We entered the hotel to a surprise. My grandparents got a free suite on the top floor. We were 2 minutes from the border of California and Nevada.
Ski-don't: The next day we went skiing at 10 am. It was fun except for the fact that I got snow all up in my shoes.
We stopped once on the way up the mountain to this glorious view.
Later, my grandparents drove everyone to Virginia City, the wild west town. As we walked, my mother and I found a jail cell. We took many pictures.
Take me to Church: As we continued through Virginia City, we found the only church in all of the town. Its traditional structure has been as such for over 100 years.
We drove through Virginia City into a curved road that led to the perfect spot for a picture.
The sun began to set so we made our way back to the hotel. To our surprise, we found wild horses on the side of the road. My grandpa decided to feed them fritos while I walked towards them slowly to pet them.
Next day, my mother, grandma, sister and I went up a gondola. On our way up we got to witness this view.
Halfway up, a 360 degree platform was built to take pictures and engulf yourself in this beauty.
The snow was more than 10 feet high.
On our way home, I got to take tons of pics of the fleeted snow.
We got home past sundown, 10 pm.
Blues Brothers: My brother and dad went skydiving a few days later.
Camera ready, my brother was prepared for falling from the sky.
Free Fallin': Here is my dad directing his parachute slowly towards the ground.
The next day, everyone in my family celebrated my mother's birthday by releasing balloons with messages written on them.
On Sunday morning, my mother took me and my sister to Studio Movie Grill for Beauty and the Beast.
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Jordyn Reynolds

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