FilmMaker/Director/Producer By Samuel a. renninger

I have chosen to research the career of a FilmMaker/Director/Producer, I have chosen this career because it is something i have a strong passion for and would love to get into. There is many opportunities and jobs within the film industry, I don't think ill ever get bored.

Nature of the work

There is many things you can do as a filmmaker/producer/director like, Plan films, Edit films, film them, you gotta tell people what to do you have to produce them like get your film out there for people to see, you write a script ect.


Usually in the Film career you work at different places almost everyday unless your not working on a film some have a studio or an office of some sort if you own your production company you will probably have headquarters for that and there will be a collection of people that work for you. Unless your and indie filmmaker then you probably have your office at home or a small studio somewhere.


There is no specific outfit needed to be worn but on set something comfortable is recommended and at award shows a suit is recommended


Film school is not required but you can get a 4 year degree at a Film school or academy, There is defiantly a lot of on sight training and learning, you will constantly be learning new things. Also a lot of highschool have programs in TV and Digital Film.


The salary of a filmmaker ranges vastly you can make almost nothing or you can work your way up and have a net worth of over $3 Billion like Mr. Spielberg, just a matter have hard you work and if your good. The starting salary if your work for someone is around $60K-$80K some even $90K-$100K depending on where you work, its all about the location.


There is a lot of room to move up in the Film Industry, You usually start off at the bottom and some people never move up cause they probably suck. But if your good get your work out there and get noticed and you might end up with a star on the hollywood walk of fame and you might be casting leo or Johnny in your next feature film.


Theres is a vast number of jobs out there in the film industry, There will always be a need for filmmakers i don't think movies will ever go out of style, and with no filmmakers you have no movies and movies are very important in many peoples lives.


* Play writer *Play Director *Actor *Cinematographer *Screenwriter *Photographer

Accurate or Not

This Career is very accurate to me, I love filmmaking and it is a career i want to pursue strongly, for many reasons but three are, I have a strong passion for filmmaking, I'm very creative, and I love using cameras and technology.

Thank You

-Sam Renninger

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