10 Things About Anxiety Nobody Talks About. THERE’S MORE TO ANXIETY

Anxiety Can Come Out Of Nowhere, Even Without A Trigger And Devastate You At Anytime. Anxiety Is So Intense And Scary. It Can Sometimes Feel Like A Heart Attack. Feels Like Someone Punched You In The Stomach.

Most People With Anxiety Disorders Are Always Constant State Of Agitation/Anxiety. Anxiety Isn’t Something That Just Comes And Go. It’s A 24/7 Thing. You Can’t Turn Anxiety On And Off.

The Term Anxiety Is Used So Unevenly. It’s Not Regularly That People Accept Just How Hindering It Is Or Can Be.

Anxiety Causes Low Self Esteem And Very Low Self Worth. Which Makes It Hard To Have A Good Relationship And We End Up Pushing People Away Because Of It.

Hypervigilance — Most Of Us Are Already Aware Of Things Going On/Happening In Our Community, Whether We Are Alert Or Not. Which Makes Some Of Us Real Easy Targets, And It Can Take Along Time To Calm Down. Just By A Touch On The Shoulder.

Anxiety Is Totally Exhausting. Being Anxious And On Edge Is Physically And Mentally Draining. Anxiety Is So Much More Than The Mind. Anxiety Affects Appetite, Your Emotions, And Your Behavior.

Having Anxiety Can Make You Feel Helpless, Hopeless, And Even Suicidal. Thoughts Aren’t Associated With Other ‘More Severe’ Mental Illnesses.

Physical Part, The Speedy Heartbeats, The Numbness, Being Completely Fatigue, And Physically Worn Out After A Anxiety Episode.

Anxiety A Make You Snap On Anybody Around That’s Doing Something That Triggers Off You. Once You Get Over That And Go To Them To Apologize They Have No Understanding.

Being Angry Comes With Anxiety. With My Anxiety, When It’s High I Am Always Irritated And It Can Make Me Seem Like An Unhappy/Mean Person! It’s Like I’m Just Spinning Out Of Control In My Own Head.


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