The Midwest 5Q By:gabrielle and Forrest

The Midwest contains these states: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Des Moines, Iowa

We have very cold winters, lots of moisture in the air, coming from the Great Lakes and the Gulf of Mexico. There is lots of snow, and in the summer the average temperature is in the mid 80°F. There is lots of humidity. Summer thunderstorms are very common. The air is unstable. We're the Tornado Alley. Extreme high temperatures are in the 100°F, and extreme low temperatures is in the negatives.

The yearly temperature is around 60°F

The Midwest effects wildlife and crops because they all need warm weather to survive, and the Midwest has very cold temperatures,except in summer.

If it snowed in the summer, that would be a very unusual event. The summer is in the mid 80s, the winter is in the low teens, the fall and spring are in the 50s-70s .The overall temperature is 46°F.

The Midwest is one of the largest regions!

This is a place in the Midwest

These are some of the mountains found in the Midwest

The Midwest gets humidity from the Gulf of Mexico

In 2015, a dozen tornados in IL with 10 from one supercell including an EF3 in Coal City IL

This is an example of a natural disaster

WINTER: The average precipitation in December-February is 2-12 inches.

SPRING: In March-May is 6-16 inches.

SUMMER: In June-August is 11-13 inches.

FALL: In September-November is 6-12 inches.

How is climate tracked: You can use these tools to track climate: Barometer which measures the pressure, Hygrometer which measures humidity, and the Thermometer measures the temperature.


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