Charity Water is a non-profit organisation that aims to bring CLEAN and SAFE drinking water to those in developing countries


This diary cover design will be targeted to those who have a strong passion about bringing clean and safe water to developing countries. It would also be a mission to target young adults and teens, as they can spread about the organisation to a wider community. Those who are financially stable would be a target audience as they play a crucial part in donating to the organisation.


The purpose of visual communication is that it can spread importance about a topic to a wide range of people. It is more efficient than verbal communications if seeking to communicate a marketing or advertising message to hundreds or thousands of people in diverse geographic areas. Visual communication allows a message to be viewed through images that stand out more than verbal or written, allowing diverse people to understand the meaning behind the advertisement or marketing.

A charity will be in need of a diary cover as it can spread information about the charity to diverse and different age groups. As majority of individuals use a diary to be organised and remember important dates, a diary cover that is promoting the charity can impact on the individual by having it as the front cover and always being there to remind the individual about the charity.


The visual communication will be used to create a Diary Cover for the charity chosen. It will be used to spread the awareness of Charity Water and their aim to bring clean and safe drinking water to developing countries. This visual communication will be likely seen around stores that will sell the diary and on the charities website.





Charity Water is a non-profit organisation, that is aiming to bring CLEAN and SAFE drinking water to those in developing countries. Charity water has many existing products and services available to fund donations and for their projects. They provide items such as customisable t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts, wristbands, baby onsies, postcards, phone cases and many more.

Services that they provide are with their projects at work in developing countries. So far they have bought clean and safe drinking water to countries around the globe such as Africa, Asia, Central and South America. They travel round the world finding inspiring organisations providing clean and safe drinking water and fund successful programs.


The target audience for this charity are those who are female adults and retirees. The reason for this is because, Charity: water aims to bring clean and safe drinking water closer to the families, especially for women and girls, as they spend more time collecting a little amount of water than doing house chores.


Charity: water has very innovative ways for donations, through their products and services. Charity: water is still a new organisation compared to other charity organisations and still has more time to grow. They are kept up with the society, meaning they are always ready in making new products for future trends. These are some of the products provided from Charity: water.

Lokai Water Pack
Minimal Leather Wallet
Water Drop Case


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This image brings out the happiness of seeing clear and safe drinking water
This image of the comparison between dirty and clear and safe drinking water, shows exactly how dirty the water is for developing countries



The main elements that will be incorporated will be shape and texture. The element shape will be incorporated through the small images making a up the shape of a water drop. The element texture will be incorporated through the illusion of a water drop.

Principles used for this diary cover are scale, unity and balance. The principle scale have been applied through the relationship between the elements in design. Unity have been used through the chosen colours. The colours black and yellow have been incorporated as they are the main colours of the charity's logo. The colour blue is the main focus as it symbolises water. Lastly the principle balance have been incorporated through the visual weight of the elements.


The below images provide visual aid with how different media, materials and methods have been tested.


The elements and principles of design have been experimented by making drafts ( seen in the above images) and through the study of the elements and principles have given greater knowledge and ideas in designing the diary cover.

The most effective way in making the design solution was through research of the charity, what type of products they produce and most importantly making drafts. Through this it has given much design ideas for the diary cover.

The solution has met the design brief through the purpose of this diary cover. The purpose of this diary cover is to bring awareness of the charity and their purpose. Through the charity's purpose the purpose for this diary cover is essential in bringing out information about the charity in a innovative way.

In terms of the audience, the solution have met the design brief through the way the dairy cover was designed, through the target audience.


The refinement that was needed for this diary cover was how to make this diary cover appeal to the targeted audience and how it will be produced and designed in a new innovative way.

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