2015 annual report

Since 1916, we've been bringing New Yorkers together to build the communities we need.

Sylvia M. Montero

A Letter from the President

After such a momentous year, I must offer gratitude and thanks. We have had many successes: we welcomed Robert Cordero as our new Executive Director and thanked Margarita Rosa for two decades of leadership; we ended the year with a surplus; our staff has grown in size and in leadership; and our reputation won us tremendous new opportunities.
The next few years promise dynamic growth as we look towards our second century of service. We cannot wait to share with you our new settlement house model - a grassroots invitation to create and shape communities that give New Yorkers access to opportunities that inspire, services that keep families strong, and programs that bring communities closer.

How do we do it?

what we did this year

He was the youngest in his class, so we thought he just needed more time adjusting to being away from me. But his teachers realized he might have additional needs. Joelle, the Disabilities Coordinator, was on our team from the start and never stopped advocating for Mateo.

- Josephine, mother to Mateo, age 3

I think it is important to ensure a safe space where LBGTQIA+ youth don't have to fight a part of who they are. It is hard to celebrate yourself if you are constantly told that a part of you is wrong. After being part of Project Speak Out Loud as a student, I knew the value of creating an inclusive and accepting community. I love that my first job out of college is here with Grand St. Settlement

- Jamie Popovics, Community Educator and Activity Specialist, Project Speak Out Loud

Growing old without my job and without my family was harder than I ever imagined. It was tough, but talking with a social worker felt good. She got me to join the Senior Volunteer Corps and now I visit other older adults so they don't have to feel that loneliness.

- Mario, Baruch Elder Services Team member, age 81

I moved here in 1984. I was a good chemist. I couldn't believe I could be laid off just like that. Unemployment ran out before I could get my feet under me. That's when I found Grand St. Settlement's Single Stop. They connected me with LESEN, a local employment network, and got me Medicaid and SNAP benefits. When they learned I had never applied for citizenship they got a lawyer to help me file. My life is going to be good again.

- Mr. C, Chemist, Father and Community Member

You belong here.

Our programs and services are free and open to all New Yorkers. You're always welcome to drop by, whether you want an appointment, a chat or just to see what's happening.

our supporters

Our settlement house model is an open invitation to be a part of dynamic community building in neighborhoods on both sides of the Williamsburg Bridge. From foundations to community partners, local businesses to volunteers, we couldn't do it without our diverse family of supporters. Thank you – you help us take it to the next level.

our financial picture

Grand St. Settlement expands opportunities for low-income families and individuals by providing culturally relevant services that support community building, advocacy, self-determination and an enriched quality of life.

our leadership

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