Eulogy Project By: Isaac Barnett

We are here today to celebrate the life of Isaac Barnett. Isaac was an outdoors and loved the woods. He was also a sportsman he hunted deer, turkey, squirrel ,coon and birds. He was also a fisherman and if you asked him what to do he would always say go fishing. Isaac always wanted to kill a buck in every state and go fishing all over the world. Isaac also did track and field he did that from seventh grade all the way through his senior year. Isaac was a good friend and he was always there when you needed him.

We are here today to celebrate the life of Johnny Cade. Johnny was a great friend and was as loyal as they get. If you needed a friend he was there and he would never betray you and in situations he would defend you. He was like a pet nobody hurt him and if they did they got hurt and that is how it would've always stayed. Johnny was decent in school and had a bad home life, but it didn't change him he was as nice as they come. If anyone could be my friend I would've chose Johnny Cade.


Created with images by Larry Smith2010 - "White-Tailed Buck 1 9-20-14"

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