Archaic Religions Around The World 5 rELIGIONS IN 10 DAYS

I've been to many places but the places i'm going to document have been the coolest places ever.My journy was a duration of 10 days 2 days for each place.

Day 1 in Rome,Italy-- I went to the church at 6 because there was a service at 4 to 5:30. When I finally got there there was so many people, but that's ok because the church was huge. There was so many pews and the ceiling, walls and floor was so extravagant they had the best pictures I've ever seen.

This is a picture I took while I was there at San Marco in Rome,Italy

Day 2 in Rome-- After a good night of sleep, I went to get breakfast, and left to go to my second destination at around 11 before it got extremely hot. Today I am going to a religious site called St. Peter's Square. Again there was a lot of people so I had to be quick with a picture. But I wanted to show how big this place was and how extraordinary the structure of the buildings where. Well bye, because I have to go catch a flight, I know it's going to be long that's why I have to go now!


I took a picture of my camera man in St. Peter's square.

Day 1 in Safed, Israel-- Finally got in at around 12 and went straight to sleep. I woke up around 4 and left my room to go get dinner and left the at around 5:30. we drove all the way to the Ari Synagogue and it was much smaller than the other locations I had visited, and it was in a very secluded area. It was vibrant inside the building! When I got back to the room I was knocked out.

A picture I took at the Ari Synagogue to show you the cool building

Day 2 in In Israel-- I woke up at around 7 and left to get breakfast at 11. After, I went to the Jewish Quarter to examine the various tunnels. There weren't a lot of people so I don't know if that's a sign of sadness, but it was very enjoyable. At around 9 I got back to the airport to visit my next religious site.


Day 1 in ThanjavurI,India-- I got in really late last night. I woke up pretty late at around 2 and went to go see the Brihadeeswarar Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located in Thanjavur in India. it was really cool and I got to see a lot of cool structures within the structure. After looking I left to go get dinner and went to get some sleep.

A picture I took of some locals

Day 2 in Uttarakhand, India-- Today I went to the Badrinath Temple It was so crowded as you can see by this picture. I left for my expedition around 2, finally when I got in, the colors of the building were vibrant, and the outfits of the people matched it. At around 5 I left to catch my 6 o'clock flight to go see my next location.


Day 1 in Lumbini, Nepal-- I got in at a reasonable time and went to bed pretty late to have fun with my camera crew. I left to go to the temple at around 2 and when I got there it looked like a schoolhouse, but when I went to the back, there was a beautiful garden and pond. The moment I looked at it,I was easily relaxed. I got back to the hotel late, and went to sleep so I can be refreshed the next day.

A cool tree they decorated at Maya Devi temple in Lumbini, Nepal

Day 2 ancient city of Patan in Patan, Nepal-- Today we are going to be taking a tour of the ancient city of Patan which is very big and has ancient temples built around it which is really fascinating, all the locals are so nice here. I have to go catch my flight, or I will miss it.


Day 1 in Edirne, Turkey-- Today I visited the Selimiye Mosque. I Enjoyed my evening and woke up around 12 and left at 3 to visit the mosque. It was very big inside with spacious pillars. There was a lot of stuff in the mosque but it was still very ornate. I went to bed early so I could get a fresh start to my day.

A cool post stamp I bought for my family

Day 2 in İstanbul, Turkey-- Today I went to the Süleymaniye Mosque at around 1 o'clock it was so spacious inside. Me and my crew where there 2 hours just walking up and down the whole building, it was so cool but at the same time very dark inside. I probably never have seen that many candles in my life. Well i've got to catch a flight back home thanks for reading


Throughout my 10 day journey I visited 5 places and experienced 5 religions it was very exciting I was able to document all my experiences in my blog that you are reading now, and I appreciate you taking the time to read all of this but now it is time for me to go. you can finally say you have seen these religions, but through my eyes. Hoşçakal


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