The Vietnam War by: Eli Undercofler


During the Vietnam War the US felt like this war was wrong and stupid and that we shouldn't fight it.


In the war, Vietnam used a tactic called Guerrilla Warfare. Guerrilla Warfare is when the Vietnamese used their dense forests to hide and ambush other armies when they least expect it.


At home the families ,that have a family member serving in the war, were listening to news and sometimes worrying about whether they would come home safe or not.


During the Vietnam War, a lot of artists were writing music about peace and love during this brutal period.


One way that South Vietnam used propaganda in the Vietnam War is going around with their soldiers dressed in civilian clothes went to North Vietnam and spread rumers about how that North Vietnam were going to liberate the North.


After the Vietnamese bombed two US destroyers in the Golf of Tonkin the US was told to bomb certain military targets and when this happened college campuses from all around started to do speeches about how wrong and stupid we are handling the situation.


During the Vietnam War, was used to show how brutal and crazy this war was. They showed very graphic videos of the war and showed what happened to civilians that had nothing to do the war.


During the Vietnam War, US factories were used to supply the military the goods they need like guns, bullets, and etc. Causing people to fight against the government because of the economic imbalance.


At the start of the war we supplied South Vietnam with guns, ammo, and other things they need to win this war. Then we started to implement the military to stop the spread of communism.


Before your 18th birthday you had to register to be put in the draft if needed. Two-thirds of American troops were volunteers. There was a lot of protests against the draft because people knew how pointless the war was to fight.


Everybody in a family had a certain thing they had to do. When someone leaves their family to go to war and screw up who does what and it makes life harder because everybody has to do more things.


When troops came home they have witnessed all the fighting and violence and they watched their brothers die in the war which caused mental injuries and they would get physical injuries for fighting in such a brutal war.


The purpose of the Vietnam War is to prevent a communist takeover of Vietnam War.


In the military, race equality didn't exist so other races than white weren't allowed to be with the whites.

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