advertisement unit By:matthew fu

  • Sell and spin notes:
  • motivate them to consume the product
  • average person of looking at ads is 3,000
  • moving a series of video
  • to delight your eyeball
  • creates an illusion souley to your liking
  • 450 billion are spent worldwide annually on advertisment
  • you need to find the right product for the audience of people you are looking for
  • people connect with personialityh
  • 1480 is the first advertisment in english

jean kilbourne deconstructed

New lesson men reprentation

Abrecombrie and fitch advertisment

  • This is a women desire in gender representation,and women are attracted to abs and muscle.So that influence women and men to buy this product.
  • this man is whole which shows how people want to look like
  • I think that abrecrombie and fitch is promoting that people could be "cool" if they be a american and have blue eyes and a westener
  • Being a youth represent that you can do anything you want and what you can do

these advertisement represent how girls can have confidence but in a bad way as you can see the lady is smoking while advertising maltesers to give them a really good appeal for the customers to buy claims that there is different pesonality for you to like maltesers

I think that this film is banned because it is not suitable for kids as the genre does not match with the school.In the next one i think that the music was uncomfartble.i also find that

  • #She objects (questions)
  • What is the problem that this campaign is seeking to address
  • the problem with this question is to girls who want to have the "ideal body" for girls.
  • The organisitation want to be who they are and just express themselve

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