'Gudiparan Bazi' Kite flying in Afganistan By Zaid Al-Meleihi

Kite flying is considered to be one of Afghanistan's most popular national outdoor sports. Kite flying has been present in Afghanistan for over 100 years. This sport is a common activity to many Afghans among the country and can be seen as part of the culture also being developed into a form of art.

Afghan Kids Kite Flying.

Kites come in all forms of sizes and colours these add an aspect to individual designs. Competitions started developing between individuals in small community's to see who had the honour to be best kite fighter in their neighbourhood this addicting competition was what led Afghans to resort to this sport at all times even in war.

Kite across the sky

When Afghanistan was under Taliban rule they banned the flying of kites because it had resembled a certain gesture of freedom because it was such a popular sport amongst the afghan youth and it was embedded into their culture because it was a widely known activity, even during the war. Eventually after the Taliban law was overruled it became legal again and the Afghani community had the chance to enjoy their leisure activity of kite flying and kite fighting.

Taliban imposing banning kite flying in Afghanistan

There are many different types of kites but specifically kite fighting was endorsed by the youth where they would compete with their kites and would try to tear the opponents rope or the kite itself. It was a legendary competition if an opponent who won found the losing kite that fell from the sky he would be praised as a hero and get twice the fame. Therefore the initial meaning of kite running is very sentimental and it symbolises the independence the community gained after the Taliban broke off as well as before and during the war.

The flag of Afghanistan Children in Afghanistan

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