China By: FaytH N., Christina C., and LiLy S.

@☀️Sun-Yat-Sen☀️ out with the old and in with the new. Republic over Monarchy! #3PrinciplesofthePeople #Revolution1911
@☀️Sun-Yat-Sen☀️ January 1, 1912! Starting the New Year out right. #PresidentSen
@YuanS make China GREAT again! Prepare for the reign of Shikai! #Chinasbestyear #1912
@Warlords Hail to The New Year. #RIPYuanShikai #RIPRepublicanGovernment
@☀️Sun-Yat-Sen☀️1920's I'm back!! The KMT has arrived and the people will prevail💪. #2ndRevolution
@ChiangKS RIP Sun-Yat-Sen. 1925 will be a difficult year. #KMTforever
@ChiangKS Once again KMT comes out on top. It's been a few busy years. #FinalGoodbyeCommunists1927
@MZedong As the Communist's continue their march, we continue to fight as 1934 rolls on. #PresidentZedong #NeverGiveUp
@MZedong 1945 "What doesn't kill us makes stronger!" #GoodbyeJapan
@ChiangKS Communists will NOT affect our progress progress. The mainland will be ours again. #Forget1949
@MZedong 1949 is the year of the people. The People's Republic of China is official! #PRC #Communism


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