Five Reasons For Marriage By noah sharp

1. Marriage causes better health

Marriage seems to cause better health according to The benefits for men are that they have feer infections, and a lower risk of heart disease. Another benefit is that men seem to not smoke and not drink in excesss.

2. Married couples are more wealthier

Married men are wealthier then single men. Art of manliness said married men make 10-40% more money then a single man which is obviously a great benefit to marriage. Married men want to take care of their wides so they go earn more money.

3. Marriage keeps you sane

Marriage is good for your mental health. Married men are less depressed and and anxious. When people divorce their mental health drops way down compared to as when they were married.

4. Marriage brings better sex more often

Married couples say they have an active "sex life." They also report its very satisfying as well. To married couples is satisfying both physically and mentally.

5. Marriage makes you happy

During a survey people answered that being was the third most important factor to being happy in their eyes. Being married had more an impact on happiness then having children and religion.

Created By
Noah Sharp


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