Chapter Eight: The Flywheel and the Doom Loop Sarah Dunn, Emily Gummo, LAUREN RUST, Mathew Stafford, DANIEL TROTTER, and KRISTINA WARD

The flywheel

  • a “massive metal disk mounted horizontally on an axle” it weighs 5000 pounds and is difficult to move
  • Rotation build momentum
  • Good to great is a cumulative process

It simply was no miracle

  • Media can skew the success of a company like it was one decision
  • Circuit City didn’t have articles written about it until the transformation
  • Nucor also did not appear until thirteen years after the start of their transformation
  • Kimberly-Clark's transformation was not recognized for twenty one years
  • Companies sometimes are not even aware the transformation is happening
  • John Wooden and the Bruins
  • Subject to the same pressures as others
  • Problems of commitment alignment motivation and change take care of themselves
  • Follow a pattern of buildup
  • Accumulation of steps
  • Confront the brutal facts
  • Attain consistency
  • Disciplined people
  • Harness appropriate technologies
  • Make acquisionts after breakthrough
  • Spend little energy trying to motivate people
  • Skip buildup
  • Implement big programs, radical change etc.
  • Embrace fads
  • Demonstrate chronic inconsitency
  • Jump right into action
  • Run about like Chicken Little
  • Make major acquisitions before breakthrough
  • Spend a lot of energy on motivating

The Danger of the Doom Loop

  • The Doom Loop is characterized by the misguided use of acquisitions and the selection of leaders who undid the work of those who came before
  • Using acquisitions after the hedgehog concept and flywheel is already in place instead of jumping in like comparison companies
  • Stopping the flywheel
  • Harrison corporation and Joseph Boyd

The Flywheel as a Wraparound Idea

  • The principle of Cohesion
  • Level 5 leaders gravitate towards this
  • Go from great to enduring great


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