RPOA Blue Heart Award Retired RPD sergeant Rusty stump and his wife Donna

In 2012 retired RPD Sergeant Rusty Stump and his wife Donna were recognized by the RPOA with the RPOA Blue Heart Award.

In 2008 a baby was born to drug addicted parents. The baby had numerous, severe medical issues. Donna worked in the neo-natal ICU and began to care for the baby.

The Stumps had discussed fostering medically fragile children and when Alex was born they decided they would foster him.

When Rusty met Alex his heart melted and together, he and Donna decided they would adopt Alex.

Alex successfully navigated numerous surgeries and will celebrate his 9th birthday in 2017.

If not for the selfless kindness of Rusty and Donna Stump, little Alex would have had little chance for success. The RPOA is proud to recognize them for all they have done for little Alex

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