How does the CCP train their propaganda zombies?

Author:Roberts Xu

PR: Patrick

General Rob Spalding tweeted that China Blames America for the Coronavirus break and with a video. The video says that China is forcing the World Health Organization to praise its handling of the deadly coronavirus outbreak while spreading propaganda and misinformation around the world! Including blaming the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 on America, and the US accuses Shen Yun Performing Arts for carrying the disease!


It’s unbelievable! Anyone with common sense would think it is ridiculous that the USA, who worship freedom and democracy, could commit such a cruel and foolish crime.

But many Chinese people think it’s true. Do you know why? Because the Chinese government paid so much attention to the propaganda which is the foundation of their evil governance. They have a training system on how to discredit US and brainwash their people.

Look at this twitter posted by Henry on March 10,2020, it shows how the CCP is planning to attack at the US in a concealed and cunning way.

Henry said,

That’s why the Internet is overwhelmingly slandering that the United States is the one who made the Corona-virus in laboratories. They even made instruction manuals for this! No wonder many people in recent days have asked me some stupid questions if the Corona-virus originated from the United States. I could only give credits to CCP for successful lying and brainwashing.

Figure 1: the tweet of Henry.


Figure 2: the detailed content of the tweet

The detailed contents are:

Q: What should we do if there is no outbreak in the United States?

A: Efforts should be made to publicize this is a new biological virus warfare launched by the United States against the Chinese. But keep in mind that only red media (CCP propaganda) is responsible for this task.

Q: What should we do if there is outbreak in the United States?

A: Then we need to emphasize that the political system of the American is not effective to epidemic prevention and control, and strongly praise the superiority of the Chinese system.

Q: What should we do if there is outbreak in the United States, however not in big scale?

A: We should point out that the American people cannot afford the test, resulting in insufficient detection.

Q: What to do if the U.S. has fewer deaths?

A: Then we emphasize its mortality rate.

Q: What if the mortality rate is getting lower in the U.S.?

A: Then should point out that the U.S. government is concealing real data by counting the deaths from Corona-virus as deaths from regular flu.

Q: If the United States finally develops a specific medicine, how to respond?

A: Then focus on the point that the cost of medical care in the United States is expensive, while reminding readers the advantages of low medical costs in China.

Q: What to do if Americans criticize their government?

A: Then say that indicates the American political system has failed to respond to public opinion.

Q: What to do if Americans did not complain about their government?

A: Then say something about the American government conceals all kinds of data and misleads the public.

Q: What if the two parties in the U.S. stand against each other sharply on dealing the epidemic?

A: It can be pointed out that the American political system cannot concentrate on major affairs and they can only fight between themselves like dogs.

Q: What if the two parties in the U.S. work together against the epidemic?

A: Then condemn the hypocrisy and deception of both parties in the United States.

Q: If the confirmed number in the United States is not high, the number of deaths is small, and the mortality rate is low, what should be done?

A: Focus on advocating that China has made huge sacrifices and protected the world.

The Chinese propaganda machine can spin any reality to fit their narrative. Centralized information and media control allow the Chinese to spread false information to its citizens who have no means of seeing the big picture.

Numerous facts point to Wuhan Coronavirus as a biological weapon that the Communist Party has planned for a long time and produced in the laboratories. Now the CCP is trying to tell the world that it’s the United States genetically engineered the virus. look at how CCP train their army of propaganda zombies. It is would be impossible for the United States to win this war against China without knowing the Communist Party's methods of propaganda and deception. It will be too late if the US bureaucracy doesn’t wake up at this critical moment.

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