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FUTURE OF THE WEB 04.18.2017

No one knew that the rise of the internet would happen this rapidly just about a couple of decades ago. We can’t even function without having a mobile device in our hand, rely everything on the search engine sites like Google and lastly, knowing how to use a program on the computer is a crucial requirement to get a job in big industries. This is why I think that future of the web will develop even faster than ever and I can’t even picture how much advance technology will amaze us in the future. Who knew that we could talk to families across the globe just by sitting front of the computer and do homework and watch videos?

Social networking is one of the main targeted platforms for all the industries. Getting the most “likes” is every user's goal and the accessing the web had formulated to another level when a mobile device like iPhone was introduced back in 2007. We have websites formulated to apps on our phone which creates another need of designing to fit the mobile friendly version vs. web version of the site.

Another thing I have realized after studying in media studies is the “privacy”, Web opened a gateway for any users to be invaded from their privacy. Also known as getting information hacked. An excellent example of this is a film, “Snowden” The darkness of the web and global use of Internet frightens me about the future of the web.

Nowadays you’re able to go online from your computer to having an extra tablet on the side and having a phone on your hand; it’s impossible to not be on the web browsing through news, social media, shopping and more. We’re heavily depended on finding everything web that, it feels awkward to leave the phone behind rather than leaving a laptop at home. I don’t think there will ever be “The End” for the revolution of the web use for humanity. It’s scary but at the same time, exciting to see the future of the web.

Especially the young generations are exposed to website use at a young age. Parents hand the iPad to their kids to keep them behaved, and this practice allows young children who can’t even speak yet to watch videos and play games on the screen. I think this is how we will continue to access the web. From infant years to death, our generation will be enslaved to the web and its conveniences.

The design is one of the most important ways to show oneself being unique and differentiated. Companies pay over six figure salaries to designers and engineers because they’re a good investment. They’re the ones who help with brand imaging and gathering larger audiences/customers. So I would like to think that design is the core part of the earth to the future of the web.

Why do companies hire graphic designers wanting to create innovative and inspiring changes instead of keeping the old style? It’s because the web is allowing people to distribute ideas without a boundary easily.


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