Good Life: Harn Museum Kieran Jacobsen

Medium of Art

This work of art struck me particularly. The artist, Claude Monet, used a technique of layering the paint to form textures that enhanced the painting. Seeing it in person let me appreciate it more because it allowed me to see the textures. This artwork made me think of nature and of the meadow behind my grandmothers house. It brought feelings of bliss and peace, the same feelings I get when walking through the meadow. The textures incorporated into the paint helped me visualize the meadow better. I am glad that I got to view this in person.

Museum Design

I really loved the water garden at the museum. It was located in the middle of the tour, so it was a good change of scenery. I enjoy nature and the sound of running water, I think it is the best type of art. I enjoyed the landscape which included rocks, beautiful plants and a waterfall. The garden made me feel relaxed and the sound of the waterfall calmed me. I sat on the bench and enjoyed the scenery for a while. The water garden was my favorite exhibit at the museum.

Art and core values

This painting represents my core value of determination or, in other words, never giving up. The many small white shapes represent all of the ways that one can approach a situation. These shapes are all different, meaning that one can not simply give up after the first try. They must step back, reevaluate, and approach the situation differently. These shapes represent all of the different outcomes one could have if they were to just TRY! You never know what could happen, the answer you are looking for could be lying right beside you, just in a different form. This art has allowed me to think about this value of mine even deeper and encouraged me to stick to it. When I saw the painting it gave me confidence in that the way I was thinking was just what I needed during my time at college.

Art and the Good Life

This artwork depicts the Good Life theme of simplicity. The man in the painting seems to be surrounded by material things of high worth. He seems to have everything he could want. He is dressed in fancy attire and is upon a bed fit for a king. Despite all of these belongings and his financial status, the man does not seem to be happy. He has everything but does not seem to be living the Good Life. This relates to theme of simplicity, that the key to the Good Life is more than material things. It is the way you think of life, the way you view your life and your place in the world. This theme and the artwork have taught me to not be obsessed with what I have but to focus on what I can learn from the world and all the lessons it has to teach.

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Kieran Jacobsen

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