The Labyrinth By: Steven McCall

The labyrinth is an element of Greek mythology, commonly depicted as a maze, it was designed to contain the sinister minotaur. I was designed and built by Daedalus, using an ever-changing geometry, the maze has the inherent ability to confuse and entrap the hero.
I related the story of the labyrinth to the Maze Runner because both include elements such as a maze as well as mythical creatures intended to make the maze even more dangerous of the Hero.

What I took away from the myth: People only enter the maze seeking adventure, pursuing an escape form that which is seeking to destroy them, drawing them closer to their doom. The purpose of the maze is to bring out the hero's worst fears and exploit them while the hero Is weak, convincing them that their struggle is pointless.

Created By
Steven McCall


Created with images by KnockOut - "fiumara d'arte maze of arianna italo lanfredini" • jhraskon - "basket case gateway desolate castle"

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