Theseus and The Minotaur SUMMED up by ben werkley

Theseus was the son of the king Agreus who was the king of Athens. The way Theseus proved he was a demigod by moving a boulder with ease and took a father meant for him from his father then he traveled to Athens.

After king minos saw that someone had the sword he now could see that his son has come home to Athens.

After learning about how the powerful king Minos who was the king of Crete, was taking the young people of Athens and sacrificing them to the Minotaur, Theseus decided he was going to end the Minotaur once and for all. So he traveled to Crete as one of the people to be sacrificed to the Minotaur.

After traveling to Crete Theseus meat king Minos's daughter Ariadne who he instantly feel in love with her she helped him in traversing the Minotaur's maze.

Then Theseus found the Minotaur and he slayed it with it's own horn. On his way home to Athens thay lost Ariadne on the island of Naxos. Theseus forgot to change the sails as his father had asked him, seeing that the sails were still black the king of Athens killed himself.

The End!


Created with images by WikimediaImages - "theseus battling centaur" • Dimitris Graffin - "Temple of Hephaestus - Ναός Ηφαίστου" • herbert2512 - "crete greece spinalonga"

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