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Introducing Instant Dentist: The app bringing dentistry into your home

Following in the footsteps of Straight Teeth Direct, offering affordable smile enhancement at home, Instant Dentist is set to revolutionise dental health and wellness at home.

Introducing Instant Dentist - the first and only teledentistry platform that offers direct, end to end dental care experience from diagnosis to bespoke regimes and intelligent devices. The Instant Dentist app is democratising dental health making healthy teeth and gums accessible from the comfort of your own home at an affordable price. How? By leveraging a unique combination of industry expertise, data analysis, smart devices, 3D printing and a team of expert digital dentists, Instant Dentist brings a fresh breath, so to speak, to the way people interact with their dental health by making it easy and affordable. End result? Long-life dental health and a winning smile.

“The major dental conditions of tooth decay and gum disease are all diagnosed visually. The tooth changes appearance as it moves from a health to disease state and the key is to identify these changes early to enable them to be reversed or treated. That's why dental care is a computer vision problem. All conditions are diagnosed visually and volumetrically that’s why a team of expert digital dentists supported and empowered by sophisticated AI algorithms can help provide scalable global dental access”. - Aalok Y Shukla, CEO and Co-Founder of Instant Dentist.

Currently, 7,500 adults per week visit their GP regarding dental problems due to issues accessing a local dentist costing the NHS an estimated £20 million a year. In addition to this, more than half the UK population do not visit a dentist, which results in childhood and adult dental problems. By bringing the dentist to the user via the app, Instant Dentist enables direct access to a digital dentist and turn what was an intermittent service into continuous care at home. Users can take their dental health into their own hands and receive cost effective, private dental advice and tailored at home treatments in an instant.

To create an account, users start by uploading photographs / videos of their mouth and answer a curated questionnaire; they also have the option to upload their dental records from their local dentist such as x-rays. An impartial, vetted dentist then intrinsically reviews these details to either give an opinion on a specific concern or provide a full dental health assessment. The results are presented in a comprehensive 360 Smile Report which gives the user a very good idea of their current tooth, enamel, gum health and how they can maintain or improve that.

The goal is to identify issues both preventable and treatable and also to educate the public on how to best care for their dental health based on their specific needs, through tailored dentist recommended at home regimes.

As part of the launch, Instant Dentist has just revealed the very first Smart Dental Scope, a revolutionary device that enables precise capture, beyond the limits of the human eye, of your dental conditions and get personalised advice and monitoring from the comfort of your home no matter where you are in the world.

Through extensive research in the last 5 years leading up to the launch of Instant Dentist, the founders uncovered several motivating factors for people to use a digital dental service. From having access to a real dentist on demand in case of emergencies to reducing dental bills, having better control, as well as a solution for those with a high degree of anxiety; Instant Dentist offers an opportunity for ongoing dental input and care, outside of the annual check up, without having to experience the fear of physical contact, unless it’s absolutely necessary.

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About Instant Dentist

Instant Dentist is the creation of dynamic serial entrepreneur duo Dr Aalok Y Shukla and Lucie Marchelot Shukla. After their huge success with Straight Teeth Direct, a teleorthodontic app which makes straight and while smiles accessible to customers in 50 countries, they saw the opportunity to reinvent the dental health experience into a predictive dynamically monitored experience, away from the broken intermittent drill and fill model.

50% of adults suffer from gum disease and many of these find it difficult to pay the cost of a professional dentist or make the time for an appointment. With issues such as these more easily managed at home, there is a growing need for accessible, empowering self care that put users in control rather than solely relying on physical practices. Instant Dentist allows users to receive their expertise quickly and from the comfort of their own home.

Their combined 23 years of deep industry expertise and range of innovative products makes achieving optimum oral hygiene easy and straightforward. Users are guided throughout the process with professional recommendations and diagnosis in their 360 Smile Report.

Instant Dentist is revolutionising personal dental care, bringing it into the 21st century so that everyone can achieve their best smile.

Cost: £20 for the first consultation


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