Rule of Third

  • Def: frame your image with the subject off the center it's moe pleasing to the eye and appears more natural than placing the subject in the center.
  • The second picture has soft focus because you the object does not stand out, and the pink flowers in the background are a distraction. The depth of field is shallow because the object is not really in focus; it works for this picture because the object was not intended to be in focus. The type of light in this picture is soft and this enhances the things in the photo. The color definately contributes to the image.
  • Def:Declutter the background, zoom in tight to eliminate background "distractions", or change your angle so your subject remains the focus of the image.
  • The picture on the top left has deep focus because the flower was meant to stand out. The focus is fine just the way it is. The depth of field of field in this picture is deep; it is perfect for this picture. The exposure is perfect. What i see first in the picture is the flower, because its colors really stand out.


  • Def: Use architectural lines-walls, fences, roads, or any lines tp lead the eye through the photograph and draw attention toward the main subject.
  • What stands out in this photo is the rock in the middle. The picture is underesxposed because it is . The main subject which is the rock is definately in focus. This would be an example of sharp focus. I think a distraction would be the red straw because it it stands out more than the main subject. The depth of field is deep; it works perfectly for this picture. I think the color the photographer chose for this picture is perfect because it surely contributes to the image. The picture is an exammple of leading lines because th main subject is in the center and the lined of the food are in focus.

Leading lines

  • Def: Create a sense of movement by adding active space (the area your subject is facing) and eliminating dead space (the area behind your subject).
  • What stands out in the picture on the left is the water fountain. I do not think it is the right thing because I would have preffered the water to stand out. The exposure is perfect. I do not think it was overexposed and there are no shadows in the picture. The main subject is on focus. This would be an example of sharp focus because it is definately focused on the water fountain. The depth of field is deep because the wa


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