The Train Ride- Continued By Abby Byers

"We've Arrive" I couldn't believe it, we actually where here. I was so exited. I wanted to get off right away but I had forgotten that it takes approximately 15 minutes to actually get started to get off. I had previously made a list of about 15 things other than the election. I wanted to do while we where there. the first thing I wanted to do was eat a Philly cheese steak, well because we where in Philadelphia. on my way to the food truck, I was so hungry all i could think of was that delicious steak, I was so focused on food that I didn't realize but there was an open man hole that I had fallen into. luckily I only had a few scratches. After about 2 hours of sitting the man hole I started to feel even more hungry than I already was, I went to the left of the man hole to find some food, I only really found a rat bone..... or at least I hope it was a rat bone. I started to here sirens and got exited, I was going to be saved. they quickly threw down a latter and I was saved. I rushed and got that cheese steak, and went on with my day.


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