Art For One's Soul By Jennifer Rafalovich

Medium of the Art and Technique of the Artist

One of the pieces that I had the wonderful opportunity of viewing was "Tokyo Street with Pachinko Parlor II". Seeing the painting in person allowed me to look up close and see the technique that the artist used to create the overall work. What I found interesting was that the artist used oil to paint the picture however, not only that, but the picture is created by many little strokes of color rather than smooth flowing strokes. The painter, Yvonne Jacquette, used these jagged and quick strokes to bring out the bright colors of the scene. To me, the painting depicted a busy street, obviously in a city. It is dark outside so it must be late. This makes me think about how I live in an area where most people are asleep by nighttime. However, in large cities such as Tokyo and New York, there are always people out on the streets no matter the time of day. There are lives going on outside of my little town and it so wonderful to think about that. It made me feel good to know that the a piece of the world is always awake one time or another even though my piece may not be.

Little Trip to Tokyo

Image Citation: Rafalovich, Jennifer. Tokyo Trip. 2017.jpg

Design of the Art Museum

The exhibit that I found to be most appealing was the Women's Artists collection. I, as a woman, think it is important to include women in many things that have been traditionally dominated by men in the past. I appreciate the fact that the museum has decided to dedicate an exhibit to strictly women's artists. Many of the paintings in the exhibit were pleasing to look at, some very colorful while others made you feel deeply for them. The lighting on each picture only enhanced the colors and set the mood for the art, it was soft tones that made the exhibit a place where one can contemplate the meaning of each painting or photo. The photos were spaced apart a decent amount allowing each photo to take the spotlight. Also the pieces were grouped together by theme within the exhibit. The paintings of cities were all in one area, while photos of women in the nude were in another. This allowed the viewer to focus on one theme before switching gears to the next. This exhibit made me feel good because women are finally receiving the awareness they deserve.

In front of the Women Artists collection.

Image Citation: Rafalovich, Jennifer. Womens Collection. 2017.jpg

Art and Core Values

"Tiergarten, Berlin, July 1" by Rineke Dijkstra is a photograph of a young girl posing in simple clothing in a woodland scene. This photo caught my eye because of the almost unnaturalness of the scene. One of my core values is to find yourself and love yourself. I believe that being who you are is one of the most important things a person can do. Each and every person in the world is different. This artist said that her "photographs deal with issues of individual and group identity formation,"(Museum label for artist, Tiergarten, Berlin, July 1, Gainesville, Harn Museum of Art, 2000.) This girl is still young and is probably just beginning to understand the world around her and what her role is in it. Although the girl chose how to pose for the picture, she still seems to struggle to look natural. The artwork makes me feel sad almost because it is about people who can not find themselves yet it also makes me happy because this little girl still has her whole life ahead of her to find who she is and to succeed in life. Also, when I look at the photograph I almost see myself in the little girl's steps, unsure about the world around. This photo reinforces my want to know my purpose in life and to truly find out who I am and what I want to be.

Posing with the posing girl

Image Citation: Rafalovich, Jennifer. Posing Together. 2017.jpg

Art and the Good Life

Mama Baby, Tide Pools, Trinadad, California

Kurland, Justine. Mama Baby, Tide Pools, Trinadad, California. 2007. Chromogenic development print. Harn Museum of Art. Gainesville.

The photo above depicts women in the nude sitting on the beach. Some of the women have children and everyone seems to be happy and in harmony. To me, this picture is a good example of the Good Life theme. All the women are peaceful and are enjoying the beautiful nature around them in a simplistic way. The picture also depicts the relationship between the mother and her children. To me the Good Life is living happily and peacefully, surrounded by family, friends, and beautiful scenery. This photo perfectly depicts all three of the components I believe make up the good life. This photo makes me appreciate the beauty in simple and sometimes unconventional things. Although all the women and children are naked, the photo still seems perfectly normal because of the sense of serenity one feels from it. The Good Life theme is one that can be interpreted in many ways by different people. However, peace, nature, and simplicity are often the main points which are all beautifully conveyed in the above photograph.

Enjoying my time at the Harn Museum of Art

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