2016 In Pictures a 2016 listicle

"Here I have gathered my top photos of 2016. These photos range from sports and art to historic moments for mankind. Photos are great ways to capture moments in history and can even move people. Here I've chosen different moments in 2016 that are of importance to me. Here I only list these photos. I do not believe one is more important than the other because they all reflect different topics of the year. I have chosen the following photos because I feel they impact me the most. 2016 has been a roller coaster of events and could potentially be named the most diverse year in our country. Its the end of the ride and time to reflect on the years events. I hope you enjoy viewing my thoughts."

-Caleb Mikell Johnson


Mo Farah 10,000m Victory

Composition: symmetry

Mo Farah returned to claim his crown in the 10,000m race. As the photo shows, Mo dominated the finish and celebrates crossing the line. As for the start, Mo fell and ended up in the back of the pack but, that didn't stop him for working his way up to first place. He didn't give up and showed great determination. This story and picture show what a top caliber Farah is.


New York Fashion Week

Composition: Leading Lines

Fashion week never fails to present something new. Designers complete jaw dropping and mind boggling clothing to display on the runway. The atmosphere always seems so surreal and models seems as if they are in a completely different time period. Journalist and Designers snap pics of these models to capture a completely different world. The clothing presented always leaves the viewers with the question: "What will be brought to us next year?"



Composition: Depth & Viewpoint

2016 has been a hectic and surprising year. One of the highest buzzing events was the election. President Elect Donald Trump, won the election and created a mix of emotions throughout the nation. Trump's Iconic family members celebrate as they see he won the election. Many people are joyed, but lots are timid to see what he will accomplish in office.


Hillary Clinton

Composition: Viewpoint, Leading lines & Balancing Elements

Technology has taken the world by storm and you can see a great example. Here, Clinton stands behind people in a rally to take a selfie. We can observe the tons of happy faces trying to snap a "selfie" with the representative. She won popular vote but not enough votes in the electoral department. She may not have won the entire election but she made history and won the hearts of millions.


The Sea Is Rising

Composition: Cropping

Ice caps are melting and sea levels are rising. NASA continues to observe whats causing the event to take place. The occurrence has led to many debates on the potential cause being global warming. Is this a problem or just a natural occurrence? Time will tell.



Composition: Viewpoint & Symmetry

Many gold medals were won and many historic events took place. The best out of all of these events is the care for others. Here Runner Nikki Hamblin helps cramping runner Abbey D’Agostino. People watch the act of sportsmanship with their hearts won over. This just shows to kindness of people even in important events



Composition: Viewpoint

Love is a universal feeling. It doesn't matter the situation or circumstances, people will strive to love their counterparts. Here two wheelchair players, Husband and Wife, embrace each other after she wins the event. The love of two people is a moving thing to watch. Everyone needs love in their life and we find ways to


The Mourning of Fidel Castro

Composition: Leading lines & Viewpoint

Towards the end of this year, many people mourned in Cuba. Fidel Castro died and his ashes were driven through the city in admiration. Soldiers and people cried as he drove by as a reaction to the terrible event. The four day journey across the country occurred to pay respects to their leader. He was then buried in Santiago de Cuba



Composition: Depth & Rule of Thirds

Protesters embrace each other for the rights of LGTBQ. The protest was held due to the shooting in orlando. People of different sexual orientation have stepped up this year to fight for their rights. They held signs and not only protested for rights but the end of gun violence. More surely awaits in the future.



Composition: Viewpoint

Players Kevin Love and Lebron James embrace each other after winning the 2016 NBA championship. After a long 7 games an coming back from a 3-1 deficit, the team won game seven with a ending score of 93-89. After a long bumpy season, Lebron shows all the emotion bottled up. Against all odds, the team overcame and celebrated in the opposing teams arena. The event screams compassion and love for the game of basketball.


The Failed Coup

Composition: Viewpoint & Leading Lines

Citizens fought for there lives against the military to prevent the overthrowing of the government. The military attempted a coup and failed due to the help of citizens fending off the soldiers. A woman embraces the coffin of her husband as he was a victim of the tragic event. A solider or not, he completed a admirable task to defend against the soldiers. We now mourn on the hectic event that occurred during the election.


Change to Green

China looks to change for the better and embrace renewable energy. They plan to cut the use of coal and opt to other sources of energy. Reforming of many pollutants has taken place but others still stand in the way. One of the major pollutants that refuses to change is the steel business. Political conflict definitely was not the only topic of 2016 and I hope this listicle helps in your evaluation of the year.

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