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Seal Consuming Energy Diagram

Consume Energy:

Spotlight Search for Scientist: Fernando R. Elorriaga-Verplancken

Fernando is a researcher at Departamento de Pesquerías y Biología Marina. He writes a lot of articles about Seals and their daily life.

Consuming energy is called ATP and an example of that is cellular respiration. Energy is commonly produced when you consume food and get a lot of rest.

Seal Diet Graph


Baby Seal with Mother Seal

Reproduction is when you create an offspring and an example of that is a human baby.

In this Article it states how loss of sea ice means fewer harp seal pups are born and able to survive through the weather.

Graph of Seal Reproduction

Growth and Development

Seals Adapting to Diving

This article discusses how the Elephant seals bodies have developed over the years to make them better at diving.

It continues shape in size or number. An example of this would be the growth of human beings, baby to adult.

Maintaining Homeostasis

Seals putting flippers and heads above water to maintain a comfortable temperature

Maintaining homeostasis is when you are able to maintain stable conditions. An example would be when humans get the the flu it is the cells in your body fighting back against bacteria entering in your body.

Graph for Seals Maintaining Homeostasis

Spotlight Search for Scientist: Coco Ballantyne

Coco Ballantyne is a New York–based journalist and science writer with a special interest in psychology. She has also written for Discover magazine and Nature Medicine. Coco worked as a reporter for Scientific American online, covering the health, medicine, and neuroscience beats. Coco earned an MS from Columbia University School of Journalism, where she also received a Horgan Prize for Exceeding in Critical Science Writing. She was also a math teacher at Eastside College Preparatory School in East Palo Alto, California. And she was a Human Biology course associate at Stanford University, where she earned a BA in human biology.


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