IBM Connect 2017 Top 5 Highlights

After spending a week at IBM Connect, there was a lot to absorb. Here are my highlights.

Adam Brown - IBM Champion for Collaboration & Social - ISW & Kudos

Connections Pink is a HUGE deal!

  • Complete new architecture for IBM Connections
  • Pink is a journey not a destination
  • On-prem, Cloud, Hybrid. The choice is yours. Choose where your data goes.
  • Completely Extensible. Everything is an API.
  • Built on open source tech - React, MongoDB, Redis, Ngnx, Docker, Strongloop, etc. No WebSphere, Java, DB2....
  • "We are not going to build software for our customers and partners, we are going to build software with them."
  • Kudos Boards Cloud is Connections Pink Ready!!

Domino Modernisation

  • IBM sees the path for Notes/Domino App Modernisation is essential for their customers.
  • New and extended Domino REST API's - better enable the creation of modern mobile and web apps on any platform of choice, leveraging the best of Domino as backend. This is completely in alignment with ISW's strategy to modernise our clients Notes Apps.
  • Analytics delivered thru panagenda's ApplicationInsights - insights into usage, design complexity, design similarity and code findings. Helps us to determine which apps should be modernised.
  • Commitment from IBM for Continuous Updates to via regular Feature Packs. Quick, Agile, no more waiting for major upgrades!

IBM Watson Work Service

  • Cognitive services that understand conversations
  • Leverage this to integrate disparate conversations into a common stream
  • IBM Workspace as an example of what can be achieved
  • Enables developers to infuse Cognitive conversations into their applications.

Live Grid

  • New application development platform for IBM Connections under development.
  • Think Citizen App Development, no need for hard core code, but ability to ramp up for Developers for more advanced applications.
  • Early days for this innovation however being led by Maureen Leland who completely gets this stuff!

I can't forget CULTURE

  • A very obvious change in culture being led by Inhi Cho Suh
  • Culture of Openness, Transparency, and Partnering
  • Jason Gary - "We don't want to write software for you. We want to create software with you."
  • Open source technology and platforms.
  • Rather than build everything themselves it is clear they will build the platform and integrate with best of breed applications and services.
  • Willingness to explore much deeper partnering to bring outstanding solutions to customers together.

Feeling excited

So that was my top 5 highlights of IBM Connect 2017. Overall I really enjoyed the week and came away feeling motivated and keen to learn more. The top highlight for us at ISW is clearly IBM Connections Pink as this continued investment from IBM indicates that we have made the right decision in creating solutions such as Kudos for this platform. I am excited to watch this eco-system continue to grow.

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