Chapters 13-18 I wish You knew...

I LOVED Chapter 15 I Wish You Knew... This "spoke "to me because it's honest answers from kids, parents, teachers and administrators. I am a teacher and a parent of a 2nd and 5th grader. As I read the kids answers, I heard my children speak many of those same things over the last few years. As a parent, I completely agree- we want every teacher to see our child for their own unique selves and understand what makes them "tick". As a teacher...there wasn't one comment listed that I didn't connect with. Honestly, I don't think parents realize how busy my personal "mommy-hood " life is -then you add "teacher busy" and that doesn't leave much time in between.

Using what I read and what I have felt and experienced myself both as a teacher and parent, I can be more understanding and sensitive to parent needs and make them feel heard. Many times parents just want to know we have their childs best interest at heart. Having this book now, I can pull it out and reread Chapter 15 when I have that "challenging" parent to myself back in their shoes and realize they are just worried and concerned like I have been about my kids when they are struggling.

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