A Letter From Jeanne

Where do I start. So many things have happened in the camp. Since papa got back

things seem to be getting worse. When he got back he started drinking . After he began drinking he started to act out. He acted like the dishonorable men he talked about. One day he began to beat mother she refused to fight back and just layed there. I thought he was going to seriously hurt her but Kiyo ran into the barrack and punched papa in the face. Papa stood there surprised with blood dribbling down his face. Kiyo ran out of the barrack to our sisters where he stayed. After a while he came back and apologized to father. Even after that not everything was good. People began to grow angry with some of the things happening. A riot broke out and people got killed. My brother in law Kaz was working when military men stopped them and questioned them. They scared each other. They thought they were both bad people. Anyways i miss the way things were. All the fun and games. Everything is different the family isn’t as close and there is many problems. I can’t wait to finally see you, i feel like you being around will make everything better. When i get out i’m going to eat all the food i miss. The food here isn’t very good. The rooms are cramped too. There are too many people sleeping in the barrack. The barracks don’t stop us from getting covered in dirt and dust either. When the war is over everything will be the same.


Created with images by Towne Post Network - "tower" • nicolas.boullosa - "richard barney also keeps an original japanese interment camp building used in idaho after pearl harbor bombing" • Grey World - "Saki" • bernswaelz - "konzentrationslager dachau barracks" • Free Grunge Textures - www.freestock.ca - "Japan Grunge Flag"

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