Open House Portfolio

Here we have a Plot diagram. It shows all the elements that a good story has. For example: Exposition- The introduction of characters and ideas. Rising Action- Everything that leads up to the climax from the Exposition, builds suspense. Climax- The major turning point of a story that keeps the audience wondering, " What next?" Falling Action- Everything that happens as a result of the Climax. Denouement- The end, all answers from the climax answered.
This is one example of the storyboards that we do when getting ready to shoot ideas. This is part of the Pre-production phase.
Dramatic Camera Positions are shot taken for varying angles to really give the viewer a different feel. Depending on what you are trying to convey to the audience you will either chose to eye-level, above of below the subject. In the First shot from Wall-e, we are eye-level with a closeup of the two subjects in the same frame, giving us a feel that they bonded with each other and see each other as equals.This can also be seen as an extreme close-up. The second photo, from Saving Private Ryan, is below the subjects, giving them a mightier, more heroic feeling. This is a low-angle shot. The Third shot from Rango, we are below the subject at a harsher angle with a gun pointed at us showing that she is in charge. In the last photo we are above the subject to show that we the subject is scared, feels little and in a very tense moment, a high-angle shot.
Reflectors can be used in a variety of ways. You can reflect when you need more light,soften light to freate less harsh shadows, or take away light when there is too much. They will have a huge impact on your photos and videos.

Good Boom Mic Audio

Getting good boom mic audio is important when taking a shot where there can either be no mic in scene or a hidden microphone can't be used. It is important to have the mic pointed at the subject,but also out of frame.

Interview Project. I interviewed Mr.Black , The AP Art teacher at San Dimas.

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