Good Life Performance Sydney Kotin

Spatial Experience

Me sitting in the theater.

Once I entered the Constans Theatre and the lights dimmed, I felt as if I was at a Broadway show back home in New York. I was impressed by scenery and high tech equipment such as the sound, microphones and more. All of these things allowed for the show to run smoothly. The theater wasn’t so big that I felt lost in it, but it was just the right size to earn my respect and keep my attention on the performance. I sat rather close to the stage as well and knew that I was watching live actors and students just like me performing. It was pretty cool and helped me see that “The Good Life” was in fact that I went to a school where this was considered an assignment. I realized how lucky I am to go to a school with so many opportunities and culture.

The Social Experience

My friend and I outside the theater.

I wasn’t even planning on going to see the play on the Sunday afternoon I did until I ran into one of my friends who told me she was going to go. I immediately decided it would be nice to spend the day with her and go see the show at the same time so I quickly signed up and got ready. I could have waited until the next week to go alone or with someone I didn’t enjoy as much. Sitting at the play and being able to discuss our opinions after was so nice. I loved knowing if I didn’t understand something I would have someone to help me afterwards. In a similar manner that if I loved something I would also have someone to share that with. Spending the day with my friend while being productive showed me the Good Life that particular day.

Cultural & Intellectual Experience

Me outside the theater again

The central issue in this story was about priests and poverty, two things I know little about. The one idea in this story I could relate to was family values. I say that there was a lot to do with family values and sacrifice because of the way the mother and brother worked so hard just so the other son could become a priest. This could have also been for them however, so they could enjoy his benefits. Regardless, I learned a lot about the struggles some people face every day and how easily it could be forgotten if it doesn’t affect you.

Emotional Experience

This play provides us with the opportunity to reflect on our own lives and “come clean”. Every time something happened in The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt that made me think, I began reflecting on my own life and became honest with myself. When I watched someone do something unethical I thought about what I would do myself and this to me is Katharsis.

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