A mountain is a very tall natural place on Earth.

A mountain is very tall.


A hill is a raised area or mound of land.

A hill is like a mountain but not as big.


A valley is like a big hill but hill is not high like a valley.

A valley is a low place between mountains.


A canyon is a deep valley with very steep sides.

A canyon is vary tall but not tall like a mountain.


Plains are flat lands that have only small changes in elevation.


A peninsula is a body of land that is surrounded by water on 3 sides.

A peninula has a lot of water around it.


A lake is a large body of fresh water surrounded by land.

There is so much fun in a lake.


A river is a large, flowing body of water.

A lake has so much water like a ocean but oceans have more water


An ocean is a large body of salt water.

An ocean has so so much water on the earth has so much ocean around it.


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