The Issues of Modern Schooling By Ciaran Greene

Learning information through multiple perspectives can impact my understanding of a theme by surprising you from hearing different thoughts on the same idea, and it might even change your perspective or your way of thinking.
One of the perspectives we learn through is fiction. The novel Tom Sawyer is a fiction story of the adventures of a boy and his friends, and shows great progression of characters. School is a topic that is often talked about inside this book, and it mentions that Tom goes to a one room school.
Even though one room schools may seem outdated, they are more effective than modern schools in some aspects.
For example, unlike modern schools, students move on from subjects when the teacher believes they are ready, so a child will not become bored with the subject or will not feel like the subject was rushed by too fast. They will become fully educated on the topic before moving on.
Students also learnt how to talk to others through constant group work, which would be especially useful today, as the world is more connected through the internet today than back then.
They also were of combined ages and sexes, so a 10 year old child can be in the same class as a 16 year old. some may consider this a disadvantage, but many children thought this was good as the older children would be able to mentor the younger children.
The teachers had to plan lessons every day that would be interesting for all ages, as schools had a wide variety of children. The teachers also had to teach all topics, from art to L.A. to math. Many people today would think this was annoying, but teachers back then didn't mind.
The children, however, liked it less as they had to, before each day of school, help the teacher clean, and on some cold days light the furnace in the center of the room. I consider this a disadvantage.

Overall, I believe modern schools did get some things right, but one room schools definitely did better at some aspects like individualizing the childrens' lessons, and are generally better than modern schools.

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