The Ugly Watermelon it was very ugly!!

There once was a farmer with five baby watermelon seeds.

The farmer thought that they were all the same, but he assumed a lot of things and believed the random guy he bought them from.

He planted them and watered them until they grew big and healthy except for, Bob.

One of the main characters here was Tommy the golden watermelon who thought he was all that just because he was YELLOW.

And Bob the deformed watermelon, who is gossiped about and wants to be friends with Tommy because he is golden and seems nice on the outside.

One day when TOMMY and his friends walked over to Bob. Tommy began to act like Bob's friend, and asked him to go to the pig pen at midnight SHARP. They told Bob that he needs to come in his BEST and FANCIEST costume.

He sat there waiting in the pig pen for 5 whole hours before they came out and laughed at him. Bob was humiliated.

Bob then realized that, "All that glisters is not gold."


Created with images by kumon - "watermelon" • Prince Roy - "Wistaria Teahouse" • thomas0000 - "straw hat farmer sweet potato farming" • photofarmer - "Plugs ready for transplant" • HeatherHeatherHeather - "Golden watermelon!" • OakleyOriginals - "Bulging Watermelon" • plasterbrain - "watermelons" • Pauline Mak - "Pigs in the mud" • stephwalther - "pyrite fool's gold specimen"

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