Brianna May Telford Happy bIrthday enderkat

Bri you are more than a friend to me. You are Enderkat Brine my sister and you always keep that name because you never give up and if I tell you something you lock it up for ever. And I am glad that that is true.

The Untold Story Of

Enderkitty and Enderkat Brine

It all started with these two girls going throw the drama of 5th grade. Not knowing that they would change the world for ever.

We where alone and all of our friends left us. But when they came together they made something amazing.

We both had the same interests. We loved minecraft, endermen, cats, and DanTDM.

Then this butt came in.

We already had an idea for a channel but it wasn't official yet. But then Jeff came to the school and then we became friends so we all talked at lunch and hanged out at recess. So we named him after the meme my name is Jeff. So we called him that. Jeff makes us all laugh and we all know that Deadpool was once a pool that died and mutated into a person.

Then we started the...

Where Enderkitty and Enderkat go on amazing adventures and might met Jeff along the way (I think we might "accidentally" kill him might with a pool)

To Enderkat
My people

I hope you have a great day and amazing 160 birthday. Here are a couple laughs for all of us to enjoy.

Crainer looks fabulous!!!不不不不不
Jeff's face when he is crapping his pants. Or when I annoy him with deadpool was a dead pool that morphed into a human.
Captain Spoklez
Awww! He is so cute.
Dad told me to tell you a happy birthday!
This one is for you

Know for Jeff's birthday wishes.

Here Jeff

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