Cursive And Its Effect on students

There are many misconceptions concerning cursive.

One misconception is that cursive is a relic of a bygone time, belonging on the pages of old manuscripts.

Another is that cursive is only taught by teachers who are stuck in the past.

Some even incorrectly view cursive as equivalent to a foreign language and believe it is equally optional.

The conclusion that the American school system has come to is that it is time for cursive to end.

However, adding cursive back into elementary curriculum will benefit students, as cursive increases reading, writing, and motor skills in students. These benefits set up students to succeed.

Often, young students struggle with basic reading and writing skills. Cursive can help. The natural loops of cursive make it easier to remember and this recall helps improve reading skills.

The connecting arches of cursive are also incredibly efficient, which makes writing easier and faster. This helps keep students' attention, leading to happier and more satisfying learning sessions.

Cursive improves basic motor skills in students as well. The motions used to write cursive strengthen the muscles in students' hands. This makes writing more uniform and efficient.

Improvements in motor skills lead to a higher form of writing. Even mundane note-taking is turned into pristine artistic script fit for important documents.

Reading, writing, and motor skills sharpened by cursive make even a young child's work worthy of the highest summit of writing: the signature. This boosts a young student's confidence as well as their academic performance.

Boosting a child's confidence through cursive results in happy students.

Happy students become successful students.

Therefore, cursive should be reintegrated into the curriculum because of all the improvements that cursive brings in reading, writing, and motor skills. With such a plethora of benefits, students will be set up to succeed.


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