A Look Beneath the Surface March 15 - March 26, 2021

As we approach the next phase of construction, the past week on site was spent pulling the soil away from the foundation and smoothing the surface layer on the AB building site. Also in progress is the construction and development team review of building AB garage shop & erection plans.

The AB building site's infrastructure and garage foundations were the first to be completed during the last construction phase. Each area had been dug wider than the foundations in order to place the foundation boxes and pour the concrete. For safety precautions, soil had been put into the gaps around the foundations so that no person or animal could fall into the gaps. Naturally some of this dirt covered the foundations and some foliage growth occurred over time.

On the right, the progress mid-week as the soil was pulled away from the foundations and used to build-up the land surrounding the foundations.

The start of the week showing covered foundations and foliage growth...

AB Building site has been cleared and smoothed by week's end.

Building A-B Garage Precast Shops - Erection drawings are in the review/edit process with our development and construction team (architect, contractor, developer, engineer, erector, precast specialty engineer and precaster).