Jane: Broadway Star in the Making By luke boland

Image courtesy of Jane Vaughan

Jane Vaughan went from performing among high school student to entertaining audiences with the great Broadway ystars that compel us all with their stunning performances.

During her musical theater extravaganza, she worked with these musical heroes to improve her skills on the stage and in the classroom. She devoted an endless amount of hours collaborating with these Broadway performers in an effort to assemble an incredible show during this unforgettable experience.

Through life changing workshops, Vaughan had personal help from the actors. Together, they sang until notes were pitch perfect, danced until steps were in sync, and went over techniques transforming her into one of the great entertainers that grace the Broadway stages. "Ultimately, I became a better dancer, singer and actor" -Jane Vaughan. By the end of the program, Vaughan was ready for her musical theater showcase.

She soon transitioned from working with Broadway actors to watching them on the big stage in New York City. Accompanied by her mom and god family, Vaughan had the opportunity to see where her new Broadway friends go to work everyday. This made for a crazy summer. Now, she finds herself back in school as her incredible summer comes to an end.

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Luke Boland

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