Ganancia T'anna Dye

Problem Statement: In two marking periods, our group has to build a GoKart with working steering, braking, motor drive, throttle, and electronics. The GoKart needs to function using provided power drill and a sheet of plywood. We are also provided a group budget of $25. All other materials have to be scavenged for on our own.


We like the overall design of this wagon like cart. It'll be nice if we could take some ideas from it like the length of the base and the size difference of the wheels.
We will have one end of a string connected to the gas pedal and the other end tied to the trigger. When you push on the gas pedal, the string will tug on the switch and will tighten around it to power the drill.


Our rough design sketches which shows how we want to build the frame of the Gokart
This our detailed sketch of the GoKart. It shows the measurements of each side and part such as the body, the throttle and spoiler.
Our Frame is assembled. The seat back is fit tightly on our base.
Our mortis is in or base so that the tenant, which is on the seat back, will firmly fit inside the mortis.
This is our GoKart put together with wheels attached.


Created with images by jarmoluk - "gokart sports action"

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