Kimberly Aguilar Photography

Artist Statement

When I first came into this class, I was expecting something completely different before this class I looked at everything without a second glance. These days I seem to think of the world differently, i find myself looking at details that others don't take a second glance at.

aperture: f/5.6, shutter speed: 1/40 sec, ISO: 125, focal length: 31mm

When I took this picture, I remembered that when I took black & white photography i took a similar picture, and I thought to myself what if I recreate the picture would it turn out just as good? All in all i think this picture was a success.

aperture:f/22, shutter speed: 1/100 sec, ISO: 1250, focal length: 53mm

I used this picture for unusual perspective. I first thought of photographing it when I was walking around the school. I thought to myself, what's something that you see everyday but never think to give it a second glance? then i saw the rock, and I knew I had to take a picture.

aperture:f/11, shutter speed: 1/320 sec, ISO: 100, focal length: 55mm

When I took this picture I was looking for an unusual perspective. I like this picture, because the sun's light makes a shadow effect on the leaves that overlap each other it's simple but beautiful, at least in my eyes.

aperture: f/5.6, shutter speed: 1/800 sec, ISO: 200, focal length: 55mm

I took this picture a day when we went out as a class, I was thinking of things that I haven't photographed yet, then I saw the puddle with a bunch of colorful leaves, and the way that the sky reflected the water, and I knew it would make a good photograph.

aperture: f/5.6, shutter speed: 1/500 sec, ISO: 100, focal length: 18mm

This is one of my favorite pictures, because in my eyes it captures the beauty of the world, and the change of the season. It also kinda makes me wish it were sitting under the tree on a hot summer day.



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