Bike Hub Profile Video

Concept/Story: Exploring the company's mission/vision of providing the community with quality bike parking and repairs

Topics to Cover:

  • Overview of what Bike Hub/Bike Station is
  • How it works
  • Services offered
  • Testimonials from users
  • Pricing (valet only)
  • Owners background, Company story

Questions to Explore: Owner

  1. Name, Title + Name of company
  2. Overview of what Bike Hub does, location, and any awards
  3. Step-by-Step how the Bike Station works (Valet cost?)
  4. How did concept come about
  5. What happened that motivated you to get this going
  6. How are these stations effective, how could the impact other cities
  7. Tell me more about repair services

Customer Testimonials:

  • Follow 1 CalTrain patron & 1 Bart patron for "How-it-Works" segment
  • We'll use 2 other customers and ask questions: What's your experience using a bike station? Are they convenient/Safe? Have you gotten any repairs done here, what kind? Are mechanics helpful?

Visual Style + Inspiration

  • B-Roll of interior/exterior of the bike stations
  • Close-ups of mechanics interaction with customers, bike/ticket exchange, performing repairs, parking bikes
  • B-roll of people getting off trains with bikes, walking in shop, riding in bike lanes, self parking at SF Bart stations
  • Establishing shots of both bridges, local trains, bike counters on Market Street

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