DPT Vaccine Diptheria, Pertussis, Tetanus

Pertussis: commonly known as "whooping cough"

DTaP: vaccine for children

Tdap: booster shot for preteens, teens, and adults

Worldwide, there are an estimated 16 million cases of pertussis and about 195,000 deaths per year.

Discovered in 1930s and was in widespread use in 1940s

Whooping cough is an infectious disease caused by the Bordetella pertussis bacteria

Before the availability of pertussis vaccine in the 1940s, more than 200,000 cases of pertussis were reported annually

Symptoms: chronic or severe cough, congestion, runny nose, and/or sneezing, whole body fatigue

The vaccine for pertussis is dead; it is "inactivated"

Helper T cells defend the body by secreting chemical signals that direct the activity of other immune system cells. Helper T cells assist in activating killer T cells, and helper T cells also stimulate and work closely with B cells. B cells circulate throughout the human body and attack the microbes that have not yet infected any cells but are lurking in the blood or the spaces between cells. When antibodies gather on the surface of a microbe, it becomes unable to function.

Pertussis is a deadly disease, but you can protect yourself by getting vaccinated today!


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