Health Struggles Erika Opperman

“These opportunities for growth can carry risk of unhealthy choices; many teens end up struggling with obesity or eating disorders, substance use, unsafe sexual activity, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, sleep deprivation, school problems and low mood” (Health iBook, Page 2).

Social Media

“...research shows that excessive media exposure can negatively influence teenagers' nutrition, body image and health. In addition, too much screen time leads to a sedentary lifestyle that can promote obesity and other health problems” (Page 3).

One of the negative health impacts on my life today, is the use of social media. Now, I'm not crazy addicted, but I do often find that whenever I'm bored I got onto social media instead of doing something else. It's just easier and faster since I seem to always have my phone on me. I hate always having the need to keep my phone with me wherever I go because it makes me feel too attached. A way to help myself fix this problem is to limit my time on my phone. After homework, I should set my phone off to the side and play a game with my sister. Or even go and hang out with a friend doing something fun. This could help my need for using technology in the future. This also helps myself to keep in touch with my family and friends on a non-digital way, involving direct communication and positivity.

Staying Fit

“Fitness is one of the fundamental building blocks of good teen health. Exercise is associated with more positive mood, improved sleep, better concentration and productivity and higher self-esteem” (Page 2).

The other health idea I need to work on is exercising. I find myself wanting to exercise, but then saying 'I don't have enough time', but the truth is that I'm just putting it off. I never seem to be motivated enough to just do it. I need to work on motivating myself and saying that it's good for me to be more active. I should be going to the driving range to hit golf balls once a week, or take a walk around my neighborhood. These things aren't crazy, but are enough to keep myself more active when I'm not in golf season. Staying fit will improve my positivity and sleep. I might also be more focused in school too.

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