Making a Change With LU Serve Alexis Kary

Financial Stress is one of the biggest burdens on college students, so by being able to receive $1,000 a semester towards tuition for being involved in CSER, financial stress will be decreased and students will be able to put more effort into the program.

Stress can negatively effect students' health and well-being which would cause their performance in activities to suffer. Lack of sleep and energy is common with stress, which overall effects everything that students are involved in.

Having to manage academics, financial stress, and Liberty's programs all at the same time can be overwhelming for students. By using LU Serve as school involvement and as a way to deal with financial stress, students will be able to put more energy into CSER projects.

Offering money for the projects would benefit LU Serve because when a student is motivated to get involved, he or she will do a better job at the task at hand.

The way that LU Serve will have a greater impact on Liberty is by having more attentive and healthy students involved in CSER.

By having more active students involved in the programs, the programs will get more positive attention from the community which ultimately gives the LU Serve program a better image.

Having LU Serve provide students with tuition money for participating in CSER projects will benefit the LU Serve program because students will be more healthy and motivated, they will be able to provide a better image for the program by being able to perform better, and the program will be known for helping students succeed at Liberty.

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