Hello, XD Plugin! Design your design process - Learn how to build plugins for Adobe XD - Full day hands-on developer workshops - run by Adobe XD ecosystem team and experienced plugin developers

We’re excited to announce a European roadshow for Adobe XD plugin APIs coming up in February. Join us in London (Feb 25th), Amsterdam (Feb 27th), or Mannheim (March 1st) to learn about Adobe XD, its plugin ecosystem, and most important how to build your own XD plugins.

Full day developer workshop with four key learning opportunities

Run by Adobe Evangelists and Engineers. Supported by community experts and XD plugin developers. Includes free hack time and happy hour.

1. The Adobe Team will teach you...

  • what Adobe XD is and the current state of the XD plugin ecosystem
  • what the XD plugin APIs enable you to do, with real-world examples
  • how to build your first XD plugin project, with hands-on support from Adobe staff
The Adobe team at the developer workshops: Learn from the lead technical evangelist for the XD ecosystem Ash Ryan Arnwine and developer advocate Kerri Shotts from New York. Get deep into APIs with Peter Flynn - the XD team’s extensibility architect, focused especially on APIs such as the document model “scenegraph.” Talk about opportunities at the European market with Ingo Eichel who cares for ecosystem growth in EMEA and last but not least get an overview from our UI and UX Evangelist Stephanie Maier (London only)

2. Our Community Experts and XD plugin developers share valuable insights from their journey and plugin experience

Get first hand feedback from Vince and Nils from Yummygum, Christophe from precious design studio, Nick from Astute Graphics, Pablo maker of lorem ipsum and Simon from Trendspurt and tourdexd.com (see below for their attendance at different workshops)
Over the shoulders of a busy plugin developer

In this short and fun session Simon Widjaja will share his latest Adobe XD plugin developments and valuable insights. You will learn about the power of scripting, smart layouts, generating production ready animations code and expressions that not only make language localisation but also customizable components a piece of cake. Get inspired to start your own plugin adventure. (All workshops)

Simon Widjaja is a real hybrid: creative coder, passionate designer and trainer. His passion is everything Adobe XD and pushing it to and beyond its boundaries. Working with clients like Telekom, Adobe and Google his expertise covers UI/UX, interactive storytelling, responsive design, workflow optimization and everything JavaScript.
Breaking new ground with Adobe XD

Astute Graphics expanded its long-standing relationship with Adobe Illustrator’s team to bring a new generation of core vector technology to Adobe XD. Astute Graphics’ founder, Nick van der Walle, will reveal how the astui.tech service came about and what the web-API vector technology can mean for fellow developers.

Irina Petrova, web developer at Astute Graphics will discuss how the pro-active Adobe XD team has produced an extension platform that caters for rapid development. With Astui for XD being the first XD plugin to be openly revealed by the Adobe team prior to its launch at Adobe MAX in 2018, Irina’s experience of XD stretches back as far as possible, including attending the first Adobe XD developer conference in San Francisco. (London workshop only)

Over the past 10 years, Nick van der Walle has ensured that Astute Graphics leads the way through designing innovative, imaginative tools for vector designers that significantly save time, boost creativity and achieve refined results. Irina Petrova joined the team in 2017, working with our software developers to bring the groundbreaking Astui service to Adobe XD beyond her wider web development role.
Minimalist design with maximum usability - how and why Yummygum generates gorgeous confetti patterns

A quick recap on why the Amsterdam based design studio created the Confetti plugin for Adobe XD. Listen to Vince Schwidder and Nils Hoenson talking about the business perspective, the process of creating the plugin from a more technical point of view and the role & influence of the people at Adobe during this whole journey. (Amsterdam workshop only)

Vince Schwidder (left) co-founded the digital design agency Yummygum ten years ago in Amsterdam. Currently acting as the UX Director and managing the team on a daily basis. An optimist with a pragmatic approach. Nils Hoenson (right), Front-end developer that started with design, but later on found out development fits him better. Working on tools that make designers’ work easier.
When data is the new gold - Data Populator is a very worthwile extension to Adobe XD

Christophe Stoll will explain why his design studio spent time building a plugin for XD and how they help designers design better with creating design tools they love. Data Populator allows designers to populate their design mockups with meaningful data and was fund by Adobe´s fund for Design (Mannheim workshop only)

Christophe Stoll, Founder and Designer at precious design studio, Hamburg
Lorem Ipsum, Text Toolbox and open source libraries to support XD plugin development

Pablo Klaschka on how he built his first Adobe XD plugins, how they work and how his open source libraries can support you in your XD plugin development. Learn best practices on how to deal with Adobe´s resources and get feedback from the team from a developer's perspective. (Mannheim workshop only)

Pablo Klaschka studies space and aerospace computer science and works as web and app developer in Würzburg. He is a passionate Adobe XD plugin developer from day one: He released "Lorem Ipsum", "Text Toolbox" as well as several open-source libraries like xd-storage-helper. He participated in the beta testing team for XD plugin development and did the initial works on the typescript definitions for the plugin APIs which are now part of the Adobe XD GitHub organization. Even in his spare time he likes to solve mathematical equations: ”Yes: I'm a nerd – and I like it ☺".

3. Free hack time with tips, code snippets and support from Adobe and community experts

Whether you come with a concrete idea and start coding right away or you just want to get started with some sample code to get ready to start your project after the workshop - we are here to help you check out everything you need to make your Adobe XD plugin successful.

Use the unique opportunity to experience from other developers and Adobe Evangelists and Engineers to get new ideas or viewpoints on issues that you want to solve.

4. Happy hour - time to network

Just stay with us after the workshop for some drinks. Make new connections or discuss future collaboration

Don´t wait and register for your favourite workshop - Seats are limited!

You don´t need to have a Creative Cloud subscription. You can start with a free version of Adobe XD. In addition you might win a CC subscription at each of the workshops

Still not sure if this is for you? That is why you should attend

Want to design your design process? This event is for you!

This event is for anyone interested in the new world of Adobe XD plugins, particularly those who have an interest in trying the JavaScript APIs.

Developers: You are a freelance developer or work in teams with developers and designers. You are familiar with Javascript, and you may have already developed for design tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, InVision, Zeplin, or Framer.

Designers: You are a tech-savvy designer who wants to surface pain points in the design process that XD plugins can address, contribute design work to the plugin development process, or further explore your interest in writing some JavaScript.

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