Anna Garcia Case #1227 Alice Fabian

At 9:45 am, Anna’s neighbor, Doug, called the police. He was worried about Anna because her dog had been barking for a long time. The 911 operator had notified the police and the emergency medical technicians, when they arrived Anna’s was laying faced down in her entryway. The emergency medical technicians pronounced Anna to be dead. She was pronounced dead at 11 am. She had been dead for at least 4 hours, therefore she has been dead since 7 am.

A list of suspects was created that included, Doug Greene, the neighbor of Anna. Next, Alex Garcia, ex-husband of Anna who is still the beneficiary on Anna’s life insurance plan. Erica Piedmont, new wife of Alex Garcia. Lucy Leffingwell, best friend and co-owner of a local bakery. Through the whole investigation we referred back to the list of suspects, ruling out those who had no evidence to be found guilty.


The Crime Scene Sketch

At the crime scene, we found a fingerprint on wine glass, some blood spatter, a footprint by the body, unmarked pills, hair, ect. The blood spatter was dropped at a 90 degrees at the drop height of 74 cm, this height matched the table which was found at the crime scene. The fingerprint on the glass, matched with the suspect Alex Garcia. The unmarked pills found at the crime scene was tested to see if it matched with cocaine, ecstasy, meth, aspirin, or acetaminophen. After testing each one, we found out that the unknown substance was aspirin. This leads to the question if Anna had been suffering with some kind of illness, which could possibly explain the vomit also found at the crime scene. A strand of hair laid next to the table found in the crime scene, it was looked at under a microscope along with each of the suspect hair. The results showed that the hair belonged to the victim, Anna Garcia. The footprint was also tested, the results showed that it also belonged to Anna Garcia. The body was then sent to a morgue where it was given an autopsy. There was only a slight trauma to the head, no fractures/ scratches/ wounds , the ankles were swollen, and there was a bruise on the her elbow.


The autopsy showed no signs of overdose or any type of struggle. Therefore, Anna Garcia died accidentally. The unknown pills found at the crime scene were aspirin, this could lead us to the question of if she had an illness prior to her death. The autopsy showed that Anna's had a slight trauma to her head. There was blood on the side of the table, and blood spatter which had fallen at the same height as the table found in the crime scene. There was also a bruise on her elbow, which could've developed by hitting her elbow on the ground. There was no signs that she was murdered, the rest of the evidence: the hair, the footprint, the blood, and the autopsy all matched with Anna Garcia. The fingerprint which was found on the wine glass belonged to Alex Garcia, which was said to be here the night before. Yet, Anna's crime scene was examined at 11 am, and she had been dead for at least 4 hours. This means she died at 7 am, by that time Alex had already left.


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