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Written by Tariq Belal

An American Literature Production

Dr. Lisa Logan Studios


Many Many People throughout my Life.

The Heart of Darkness

A while ago, on a journey lost.

At the surface’s end, pulled from the ashes.

A new hope. Turbulence.

Meaning questioned. New friends.

Belief. Hope. Faith.


Did I survive?

I am more responsible now. Soon fully.

Will I ever be bit...by that sweet sweet eternal bite?

The Context: Both Jill Lepore and Elizabeth Trist embark on journeys that change the course of their lives throughout various points. Two different women, on two completely different kinds of adventures, but adventures nonetheless. In these stories, these women change. Change is the essential element of storytelling.

My personal story reflects change of a different kind, as you will see throughout my writing. I am in a constant state of change, yet my heart remains firm, conscious, and comitted to the path I’ve chosen. The key is to having a light to illuminate that path. Through writing, we can grant ourselves a torch of sorts to reflect on where we’ve been, where we’re going, and where we are.

When I was young, I was a happy child. Serenity and peace made their way into my heart. I had a happy home and happy family. A dream from the reality. I’d dream of wandering, exploring the world. In those trees and woods and forests, I’d find streams, rivers, and fields. Beautiful, wide, open fields. There she stood, in the midst of tall blonde grass, in her pretty black dress with red roses adorned. She’d spin around and I’d smile. We’d explore together. Adventuring and seeing the world, seeing life. I’d have this dream for years and years. Sometimes, a new part would be added. The original part remained the same. She is the love of my life.

The Boy Who Dreamed
The Context: I took inspiration at every turn to shine a light inside to illuminate this deep deep dream of mine. As so too did Phylis Wheatley’ explore the brilliant mind of an artist in ‘To S. M. a young African Painter, on seeing his Works.’

“You take the blue pill, you wake up in your bed...” “...believe, whatever you want.”

“You take the Red pill, and I show you how deep, the rabbit hole goes...”

Do you wake up from the dream? Or do you choose to wander in wonderland a little bit more?

The Context: Is there really a choice? Options have been presented to you of a predefined path. The design was already in being before you arrived. Just some food for thought. The Katherine Garret’s choice...of none.

Created By
Tariq Belal

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